The Firm.
It began when Ron Rosenberg and Greg Koffman met at Loyola Law School. They became fast friends and, over time, built a picture of their ideal law firm - big enough to be powerful, small enough to be personally involved with every case.

Today, that dream is very much alive in Rosenberg & Koffman. The firm's success proves that this rare combination is possible. The entire organization, from the principals down, is geared to give clients, big and small alike, the same thorough case preparation, personal attention and ongoing full disclosure.

Having Rosenberg & Koffman on your side is a unique kind of legal experience, a comfortable - and comforting - blend of the personal and the powerful.

The firm has in-depth experience - and a record of successes - in a broad range of legal areas, both business and personal.

We specialize in: Business, Corporate, Securities and Compliance Business, Personal and Commercial Litigation, Financial Institutions, Real Estate, Professional Malpractice, Entertainment and Adoption Law.